Timeshare now and then

There was a time not too long ago that whenever the word timeshare were used in a conversation among friends there were sure to be some glares of disapproval. Such was the reputation which was dubious considering that the media highlighted misdeeds and frauds when buying or trying to rent time shares. The culprit in most cases was the early developers who tried to make a fast buck and vanish. However with the entry of big players such as Disney, Hyatt Group, Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham among others the vacation ownership projects began to get the integrity.

This proved that the concept was fair and a win-win for all the stakeholders. One such entity who understood the business well was Robert Sussman. He is 60 years old and over three decades has seen the timeshare industry up close. He was aware of the good things about vacation homes and lately he started Robert Sussman Vacation Tree Company. This timeshare corporate offered to a platform for buyers and sellers. Soon Robert Sussman Rent and Sell timeshares attracted a lot of web traffic. As the popularity of his idea started to gain traction he started to offer the purchase of timeshare units that remained unsold. He waited for about 10 months before he offered a fair market value.

Some of the old hands in the industry did not like the success graph of Robert Sussman of Las Vegas NV. They linked other rumors to Robert Sussman Timeshare fraud with a view to bring him down. Robert is no ordinary human; he has started to fight back and giving back to his detractors in the same coin via the internet. He knows that the Internet is a double edged sword and being right in his business dealings he has nothing to lose.


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